3D Lab nano

Swissonor distributor for 3D Lab

Swissonor has become official distributor for the french company 3D Lab, universally reckognised specialist in digital signal solutions.

These zero-nonsense components combine best available sound and multinorm function in a timeless package, allowing to make progress your installation with sensational price - performance ratio. Designed and manufactured in France.

We distribute the full Nano Series, composed by:
  - Nano Transport – Nano Transport Signature
  - Nano Player
  - Nano DAC – Nano DAC Signature
  - Nano Amplifier – Nano Amplifier Signature

 Read more :   Lecteurs Nano 3D Lab page 1 (PDF)
   Lecteurs Nano 3D Lab page 2 (PDF)
   Lecteurs Nano 3D Lab page 3 (PDF)
   Lecteurs Nano 3D Lab page 4 (PDF)

For more information, please contact info@swisssonor.ch

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