Klangschloss Greifensee fair is again rescheduled, to April 2022. Swissonor is again 100% active for demos and orders. You can get in touch with us per mail or phone.
  New! Swissonor #20.0 series 2 main platter bearing retrofit/upgrade for Thorens TD 124. Ask us for yours! .
  #1 TD 124 non-magnetic main platter series 12 available, New with clear metal surface and 5 rubber platelets for better contact with upper platter.
  #2 TD 124 alloy upper platter, series 4 sold out. From time to time 2nd choice items available, please contact us.
  #3 TD 124 L tonearm base (series 2) available in versions .0 (12"SME universal) and .2 (9"SME Universal), and several others on demand. New tonearm base plates for TD125 and TD125LB.
  B.A.C.H.12d coaxial and coplanar 12" tractrix-horn-loudspeaker available in different colours and wood veneers, contact us. .
  B.A.C.H.10 coaxial and coplanar 10" tractrix-horn-loudspeaker sold out, replaced by B.A.C.H.12d.
  B.A.C.H.8e single speaker horn in white satin, natural maple, wild cherry. Incredible sound for money!. B.A.C.H.8d bookshelf version of the 8e and therefore the only high efficiency compact speaker in the market, available in natural maple, white satin, american cherry and coral wood. Ask for the anniversary edition with filter upgrade.
  Contra.C10 active subwoofer. His hard cotton fabric suspension makes him fast enough to follow high efficiency loudspeakers without delay.
  #11.0 amplifier to loudspeaker connecting cable specially designed for high efficiency loudspeakers, equipped with laboratory plugs, length on order, shipped in 48h!
  #12.0 phono and line cable, with RCA (Cinch) plugs for pseudo-symmetrical and XLR- plugs for symmetrical connection, lengths on order, shipped in 48 hours!
  Full tube modular amplifier system, made on order only: Modules AM 2 (6V6G Push-Pull) and 3 (6B4G SE) availables!
  V.S.O.P. full tube integrated amplifier with operational phono MM and High-Output MC preamplifier including passive precision RIAA equalization. Now with NOS JAN Philips black plate driver tube and NOS JAN Sylvania 6V6GTY Swiss airforce radar output tubes . Incredible sound for money!
  New! VT45 tube integrated amplifier with operational phono MM and High-Output MC preamplifier including passive precision RIAA equalization. With NOS JAN Philips black plate driver tube and Full Music 45/n mesh plate SE output tubes. Specially developped for very high efficiency loudspeakers.
  R.S. single chip integrated amplifier without transistor sound. Our solution to drive medium to low efficiency loudspeakers.
  Mini-Series Historic 8910 monophonic phono preamplifier with historic equalization curves. Classic game: PPP HM-3 MC Step-up transformers direct cabled, PP phono-preamp with passive RIAA network, direct cabled, P passive line preamplifier direct cabled. New! R.S.M. mono single chip power amplifier.
  Tonearm TA10 10" with SME-type headshell, series 2 available now as standard on #3.3 mounting plate for TD124, ready to play. Alternative mounting plates on demand.
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