Swissonor Turntable Repair, Refurbishing and Upgrade

We are specialised in repair, refurbishing and world class upgrade of Thorens TD 121, TD124, TD125 and TD 160 turntables. We keep the original vintage design, and enhance carefully the sound to a new level. Swiss Made. Please ask us for spare and upgrade parts.

Swissonor Mini Series

Mini Series = Separate items (Step-up transformer, OPA phono preamplifiers, passive preamplifiers, mono power amplifiers) based on our range of integrated amplifiers, without any compromise on sound quality. Swiss Made.
Read more : Flyer Miniature Series (PDF)
Read more : Flyer R.S.M. (PDF) R.S.M. = Radically Simple Mono

R.S. = Radically Simple single chip OPA amplifier, dedicated to medium or low efficiency loudspeakers with high current consumption. Swiss Made.
Read more : R.S. (PDF)

Swissonor Tube amplifiers

V.S.O.P. = Vacuum State integrated amplifier with Operational Phono preamp.
Compact integrated tube amplifier. Swiss High-End at reasonable price, Swiss Made.
Read more : V.S.O.P. (PDF)

45 SE = 45 Tube Single Ended amplifier
Compact integrated tube amplifier dedicated to very high efficiency loudspeakers. Brings back to the music lover the lost sound of the past. Swiss Made.
Read more : 45 SE (PDF)

Modular amplifier system

AM System = Modular amplifier system

This unique modular amplifier system in 100% tube design combines a choice of pre- and power amplifiers on a common mechanical mainframe, thus eliminating all problems related to external wiring, impedance- and voltage mismatch. Swiss Made. On order only.

Available module blocks:
Swiss Made.
Read more : AM System 2.3Mo (PDF)
Test report AM 6221 (translation from german) or the original Test report AM 6221 (PDF in german)

Swissonor Coplanar Loudspeakers

B.A.C.H. 8e (Tower version) / 8d (Bookshelf version) = Bass Adjustable Coplanar Horn with 8” driver
High efficiency single speaker with Tractrix-horn, featuring fine adjustment in the low end.
The smallest version of our line brings the same explosive dynamics as the B.A.C.H.12, but with more restricted bass response, due to the smaller volume. It's ideal for small rooms and close listening distances. Swiss Made.
Read more : B.A.C.H. 8e (PDF) / B.A.C.H. 8d (PDF)

B.A.C.H. 12d = Bass Adjustable Coplanar Horn with 12” driver
Very high efficiency 2-way coaxial and coplanar loudspeaker with Tractrix-horn, featuring fine adjustment in the low end and discrete adjustable mids and highs.
Innovative and unique solutions, combined in a high-end concept, bring you uncompromised sonic performance. Swiss Made.
Read more : B.A.C.H. 12 (html)
Read more : B.A.C.H. 12d (PDF)
Test LP Magazin B.A.C.H. 12 (in German) (PDF)

Contra.C10 = Active Subwoofer with 10” fabric multiroll driver
The full configurable class D plate amplifier allows integration in any room situation and setup. The hard suspension long-throw woofer allows best bass control at low distortion, even at extreme sound levels.
Read more : Contra.C10 (PDF)

High Resolution Cables

#11 High Definition Loudspeaker Cable. This quad coupled amplifier to loudspeaker connection introduces the “soft air technology”. It allows lengths up to 12 m without losses in dynamics, room definition and detail reproduction. Delivered complete with 32 A rated, gold plated Swiss laboratory banana plugs. 48h preparation service.
Read more : #11 (PDF)

#12 High Definition Phone/Line Cable. This quad coupled cable can connect a tonearm to a preamplifier or line levels. It combines the “soft air technology” and separate screen. It allows lengths up to 6 m without deterioration of the sound quality. It can be prepared at your choice with RCA Neutrik connectors in pseudo-symmetrical configuration or XLR Neutrik connectors in symmetrical configuration. 48h preparation service.
Read more : #12 (PDF)

Parts for Thorens TD 124 turntable

#1 Non-magnetic cast iron main platter for Thorens TD 124 (MK I and MK II) turntable.
This is a must for everyone who is playing MC cartridges on his TD 124.
Read more : #1

#2 Replacement and upgrade aluminium alloy upper platter for Thorens TD 124 (MK I and MK II) turntable. Replacement of damaged original upper platters and a further upgrade for ultimate sound fidelity.
Read more : #2

#3 Natural fiber/penolic tonearm mounting board with neoprene damping blocks for Thorens TD 124 (MK I and MK II) turntable. People who own the non-magnetic main platter may try to push their “Thorens” to new limits. Using this extremely rigid base is the way... and it is a bargain compared to many stylish gadgets.
Read more : #3

#20 High Performance main bearing. 100% compatible to the original, reduces bearing noise and dynamic compression, makes you hear sounds unheard before. Swiss Made.

#29 Plinth CNC milled from 80 mm baltic birch plywood block. Rigid yet lightweight for fast and natural sound.

RT Voltage Regulation for asynchronous motorTurntables as Thorens TD124, Garrard 301 and 401. Prevents motor overheating, lowers transmission noise and brings more depht to the sound. Swiss Made.
Read more : RT (PDF)


TA10 Series 2 10" high definition tonearm. It's an entirely new designed version of the famous Thorens TP 14 design.
His pure vintage look comes straight from the Thorens BTD-12S, predecessor of the TP14
As its idols, the TA10 is 100% Swiss Design and Swiss Made, yet in limited quantities.
The main targets were lower tracking error than the 8" length original, and industry standard compatible headshell connector. And the best sound available, of course!
Read more : TA10 (PDF)


#13.0 Antistatic microfiber cloth, for efficient vinyl and CD cleaning

#18.0 Soundboard, HiFi console kit
Read more : #18.0 (PDF)

#28 Turntable cover. Developped for luxury watches, this antistatic microfibre cloth does not scratch, and discharges static voltage. The better alternative to plexiglass turntable covers.

And more : see page "Factory Outlet"
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